alex cameron

Alex Cameron

Following a career in teaching and systems analysis, Alex has spent over 25 years in organisation development, specialising in executive and Board development.

I work with leaders across the private and public sectors to help them build and manage the relationships necessary to deliver business results. I have particular expertise in; Executive coaching, Facilitating executive teams, Collaborative leadership development, Conflict resolution, Organisation design and Board Evaluation.

Examples of client experience

My recent client experience includes a number of assignments where I have helped clients contract and deliver large infrastructure projects where developing a collaborative approach has been critical to the success of the venture. This work has taken place in the UK rail sector including Transport for London and internationally in the Oil and Gas sectors. I have worked with a number of Boards in the public, private and third sectors, evaluating performance against the UK Corporate Governance Code and developing the capabilities of the Boards to work effectively together. In the private sector the companies have included Paragon Group, Ophir Energy, LCR and Salamander. In the public sector I was asked help set up the Judicial Executive Board for the senior judiciary in England and Wales followed by similar work for the Scottish Judiciary. In the third sector I have worked with the Church of England Pension Board and the Foundation at the Royal Parks Agency. Over the last 25 years I have supported the development of many leaders across a range of sectors and businesses. I work with the senior leadership of London Underground. This work has included coaching, team facilitation and change management support for the Rail and Underground Board. Other examples of similar work include; coaching for a number senior leaders in fast growing Oil and Gas businesses, coaching the political leadership in Newham, leadership coaching for a number of DGs and Directors in a several Whitehall Departments.

Qualifications and associations

I gained my consultancy experience with Sema Group Consulting where I led their capability in culture change and at Price Waterhouse. Before my consultancy career, I graduated in Zoology at Glasgow University then completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Education. I am a trained systems analyst and facilitator and I hold certificates in psychometric testing. I have been a visiting lecturer at City University Business School and a member of faculty at Management Centre Europe. I am a Certified Management Consultant and a Fellow of the RSA.

Selected publications and conference presentations

I have published many articles on leadership development and corporate governance in People Management, the European Forum for Management Development, Management Today, People Performance, Management Consultancy magazine and the Financial Times. Most recently:

  • Collaborative Leadership: Building relationships, Handling conflict and Sharing control – with David Archer – Routledge March 2013 ISBN 978-0-415-53949-4
  • Collaborative leadership – International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare – Paris 2014
  • Type Dynamics and Executive Coaching – master class programme for OPP
  • One evaluation framework for all Boards – Governance magazine 2015
  • One city, two stadiums: Lessons learned from megaprojects – Project Manager Today 2014
  • Relationship risk – European Oil and Gas 2013
  • How collaboration can take flight in the NHS – Health Service Journal 2013

Personal details and contact information

Email: | m: 07973 329 156  |  Connect on LinkedIn