Essentials of Collaboration

The Essentials of Collaboration is a 12 part series focussing on the essentials of collaboration, lessons for individuals leading different sorts of collaborations and collaboration in the Boardroom. You can access the first four episode of the series which cover the Essentials of Collaboration by clicking on the buttons below.

1. Defining Collaboration

This first episode in the “Essentials of collaboration” series aims to clarify our understanding of collaboration by introducing the concept of the ‘Collaboration Spectrum’.

2. Foundations of Collaboration

Episode 2 takes the next step and focuses on how to build effective collaboration in complex business relationships that need to operate at different points on the collaboration spectrum – from relatively distant transactional type engagements to those which are much closer and more relational in nature.

3. Cultural Differences

Episode 3 focuses on how to better understand the cultural differences between organisations and introduces the Organisation Partnering Index. This is a tool for measuring culture and, in doing so, helping to build understanding between the parties in a collaborative relationship.

4. A Roadmap and Measurement Compass

Episode 4 pulls together a number of elements from the previous three episodes and describes the lifecycle of a particular sort of collaboration – a contracted partnership. It then discusses different ways of measuring progress through the twists and turns of a long term relationship.