what we do

At Socia we help individual clients collaborate effectively in complex and challenging business environments. Experience over the last 25 years has taught us what sort of ‘help’ our clients want and, just as importantly, don’t want. Clients don’t want outsiders who create dependency on external services and they don’t want advisors full of management theory but with little real experience.

So, at Socia, we adhere to these principles

  • We build trusted relationships fast – we have the listening skills to quickly build relationships and so get to the heart of each client’s business challenges
  • We bring practical advice – having worked with many clients over many years we can offer practical ideas and advice that they can rapidly apply to their own situation
  • We offer support only when it is needed – our aim is to make the maximum impact in the shortest time. We are on hand at key moments when clients need us but stand back to allow them to take their own decisions.

All our work is underpinned by our six core values. And our services are designed to support clients at three levels; the individual leader, the Board, and the wider organisational system in which they operate.

our values

The way Socia approaches each assignment is based on our long experience working with clients often in challenging circumstances. We are directed in all our work by our values. We believe these values distinguish Socia from other consultancies and ensure that our behaviour and relationships with clients are always of the highest standard.


Insightful – we use our experience, our training and our research to bring an expert, inventive approach to our work. We work hard to ensure the knowledge shared with clients is leading edge on all aspects of collaboration.

Tenacious – when assignments are tough, we stick with the client through thick and thin. We are committed to our work and to our client’s objectives. We act as reliable partners

Empathic – when we work one-to-one with clients, we take an open, egoless, and attentive approach – concentrating on understanding their situation through active listening.

Brave – we are confident in situations of conflict and able to deal with difficult behaviours when required. We can and will be challenging where necessary, speaking the truth as we see it and always taking an impartial approach.

Influential – we believe in the importance effective collaboration in the business environment today, we use our position as being one of the first in this field to take every opportunity to share our knowledge and educate others.

Engaging – we engage our clients in a community providing opportunities for learning and debate. We do this through events and digital media, listening to our clients’ views and opinions so that this informs our practice.