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» Collaborative leadership and Coalition Government- Podcast
With a UK general election fast approaching what lessons do politicians need to learn from business leaders about working in coalitions? «
A Bolder Braver Better 2015
Two interesting new reports on the need for collaborative leadership in the delivery of public services
» Collaboration in the Boardroom - Podcast
The design of a Board requires effective collaboration between Executive and Non-Exec Directors - but that's not easy. Listen to our new podcast on the topic. «
» Collaborative leadership: Lessons from the Underground - Podcast
Leaders at London Underground have had to learn some hard lessons in collaboration over the years. Their story has a lot to teach the rest of the world. «
David ArcherAlex Cameron
Socia is built on the combined experience of
David Archer & Alex Cameron

Problem solving for leaders in an interconnected world

At Socia we help our clients to:

  • increase their capability to manage new and difficult relationships
  • increase their speed of decision making
  • increase their capacity to deliver change. 

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