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Leadership development for uncertain times
In her Dimbleby Lecture, Christine Lagarde described this as a “hyper-connected world”. So what does this mean for leaders and leadership development?
Dealing with fragmentation in the Health system
Listening to speakers and delegates at a recent International Health conference confirmed to me that the sector is fragmented and is searching for a way forward.
Collaboration lessons for mega-projects
How is it that two major projects a few miles apart in the same city could result in such different financial and reputational outcomes? What lessons in collaboration can we learn from Wembley and the London Olympic Stadium
A Board is not a Team
Effective Board governance needs great collaboration between those involved - but being too much like a team can end up as a 'cosy club'.
David ArcherAlex Cameron
Socia is built on the combined experience of
David Archer & Alex Cameron

Problem solving for leaders in an interconnected world

At Socia we help our clients to:

  • increase their capability to manage new and difficult relationships
  • increase their speed of decision making
  • increase their capacity to deliver change. 

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