Collaboration for business results

Socia was created in 2002 in response to the challenges of an increasingly interconnected business environment. We recognised the central role of effective collaboration for individual leaders, Boards and whole businesses wrestling with the demands of interdependence.

At Socia we are now experts in making collaboration deliver business results and we have a long track record of working with leaders in many sectors who need to build collaborative relationships and work together across different organisations.

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Boardroom collaboration

Effective Board operation depends on robust collaboration between executives and non-executives. Socia applies its expertise in collaboration to a wide range of Boards across all sectors in order to deliver a unique, cost-effective approach to Board evaluation. Find out more here

Collaborative leadership

Collaborative leadership

Leaders in the 21st Century need to be able to deliver results across organisational boundaries. Socia mentors leaders using a unique set of tools and techniques, helping them improve how they build relationships, manage conflict and share control in today’s complex business environment. Find out more here

cross-organisation collaboration

Cross-organisation collaboration

Complex supply chains, multi-party contracts and outsourcing deals are just some of the arrangements that mean that businesses no longer exist in isolation; they have to deliver in collaboration with others. Socia has the experience to help our clients form collaborative relationships that deliver results. Find out more here


Collaboration isn’t simply about ‘being nice to each other’. Effective collaboration whether between individuals or whole businesses is about strong, robust relationships where partners can scrutinise each other and deal with conflicts constructively in an environment based on trust. In order to create this collaborative environment, Socia believe there are three interconnected elements that need to be addressed: the Governance of the relationship; the operations of the relationship; and the behaviours demonstrated by those involved. All our assignments whether evaluating a Board, mentoring a leader or mediating a conflict between organisations, will address these three foundations of successful collaboration. To find out more about our approach to collaboration click here


Socia is influencing the development of collaborative working across business in many ways.

Socia Board survey quoted in the Financial Times

FT columnist Stefan Stern has written an article on the learning that private, public and 3rd sector Boards can take from one another which quotes from the Socia Board surveyand Board leadership seminar. You can read his article on the FT website (full access may... read more

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Lessons from VW – getting honest about dishonesty

I read an interesting article in the New York Times this week about the latest twist in the Volkswagen emissions scandal. The CEO wrote to all employees promising them that they would not face the sack if they came forward with any information about the emissions... read more

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The cost of coalition

The dust is settling on the UK 2015 election with self-congratulation for the victors and the ritual resignations of the losers. There were many factors which made this election unique, but most important, if you are interested in collaboration, is that this was an... read more

collaborative leadership

Collaborative leadership
– building relationships, handling conflict, sharing control

Many of the people who will help make you and your business successful don’t work in your own organisation. They may not share your language, beliefs, manners or behaviours – but without their skills and effort you will never make it as a leader in today’s interconnected world.

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