Collaboration is at the heart of all we do at Socia. We’ve developed our expertise working with leaders in many different sectors over the last 13 years. Collaboration is always a matter of choice. You can’t force people to collaborate – and if you try to it usually doesn’t end well – but you can create the conditions in which people are more likely to collaborate where and when you need them to.

We’ve distilled many of the lessons we’ve learned about successful collaboration in books and articles which you can access from this website. It’s a broad subject but to give you an overview of our perspective we believe:

Successful collaborative relationships are built on three foundations:

  • Good governance – with an agreed common purpose, clear accountabilities, and joint decision making mechanisms
  • Efficient operations – with shared access to reliable information, well defined interface processes, and trusted communications
  • Collaborative behaviours – with leaders who act as role models and a culture that encourages constructive challenge and joint problem solving.

To collaborate or not isn’t a binary choice

  • Different relationships will need different amounts of collaboration at different times. You can plot relationships on a spectrum of collaboration as a means of prioritising resources
  • And in an individual relationship, effective partners don’t try to collaborate everywhere. They identify the key points of interdependence and focus their collaborative effort in these areas.

Collaborative leaders are particularly good at three things:

  • Building relationships – often with other leaders who see the world quite differently to themselves
  • Handling conflict with confidence – viewing conflict as an opportunity to spread understanding about others’ motivations and perspectives
  • Sharing control – because one thing is for certain you can’t be a collaborative leader on your own.

Socia and collaboration

At Socia we share our expertise in collaboration in three primary media areas:

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