Much has been written about the need for effective collaboration in the large scale building projects that are shaping our cities. Collaboration between designers, engineers and the many specialist construction companies involved. Collaboration between developers, their clients and the public who will use the offices, homes and open spaces that are created. And collaboration between interlinked construction projects and the transport and infrastructure suppliers who enable them to function as part of a new neighbourhood or commercial centre.

But what enables some of these collaborations to succeed and deliver beautiful and functional buildings on time and on budget, while others suffer interminable delays, costs overruns, or end up as a concrete jungle hated by those who have to work in it?

The attached article Collaboration – the possible by Naomi Shragai in the WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff magazine explores some of these foundations for successful collaboration. And although the software and technology of Building Information Modelling (BIM) plays its part, many human factors are involved too. And, for full disclose, that is where Socia and our work on Collaborative Leadership is quoted extensively….