One of the things that many people ask us when talking about collaboration is ‘What makes a good collaborative leader?’

Sometimes they are asking for themselves and the question is really – ‘Am I a good collaborative leader and what do I need to get better at?, and sometimes they are asking on behalf of their organisation – ‘If I’m promoting, or developing people into roles that require lots of collaborative leadership capabilities, what should I be looking for?’

Over the years we’ve used (and created) lots of 360° feedback tools and so when we were writing the book one of the things we were thinking about in parallel was how to measure the attributes and competencies of collaborative leadership. To answer the question we’ve now produced our own 360° questionnaire to help leaders gain new insight into their collaborative strengths and weakness.

At its heart, collaborative leadership is about the dilemma of sharing control. From the research that we undertook in writing the book we based the questionnaire around 6 attributes:

  • Patience
  • Collective decision making
  • Quick thinking
  • Tenacity
  • Building relationships
  • Handling conflict

We can also combine this 360° feedback tool with our MBTI and collaboration profile to give people an additional view point on their leadership style and its impact on others. If you want to know more you can look on tools pages of the Socia website

We believe that this is a great new tool and we are looking for individuals and organisations who are keen to adopt the ideas in the book to try it out as a useful addition to their leadership development toolkit. Please get in touch with Socia.