Please leave your comments about the book, by David Archer and Alex Cameron.

The book aims to promote the emerging body of knowledge on how to deliver results across boundaries and get more from your business critical relationships.

We officially launched the book on 13 January 2009 at the Royal Society of Arts in London in front of a great audience. Mike Brown COO of Heathrow airport (and ex COO of London Underground) gave a fascinating keynote speech. I was particularly struck by what he had to say on why customers are right to think of him as the person ultimately responsible for their whole experience of using Heathrow and the complex web of contracted and uncontracted relationships with dozens of other organisations that he has to work through in order to deliver that customer experience.

We gave a short presentation of some of the ideas in the book which is summarised in the previous couple of postings. I caught snippets loads of great conversations in the room and overheard lots of positive stories of partnership success. Elsevier sold out of signed copies of the book on the night. (You can order copies now either direct from Elsevier, from Amazon or from your local bookshop).

We started this blog because we want your feedback on the book and your own experience of what makes collaborative leadership work. So please comment on this posting or post your own views. We’d love to hear from you.