We are living in an increasingly interconnected world and at Socia we see issues of collaboration and leadership all around us. Some of our most recent comments are here for you to read …

Week 8: Many rivers to cross

Many analogies for leaders planning a major change use the image of crossing a river. They talk of building a bridge; starting with pathfinders feeling their way on stepping-stones, before raising bridge supports on solid foundations to carry the weight of the...

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Week 6 – Hitting the wall

Hitting the wall - and how to get through it.  In the last week many of the leaders we work with have described just how weary they are getting. Unfamiliar work routines, long hours in front of a screen and continuing uncertainty about the future, all take their toll....

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Week 5: The change you didn’t choose

The change you didn’t choose – and how to handle it  Week 5 of lockdown and the long-term impact of the current situation is starting to become evident to organisations across all sectors. For all leaders, there is a realisation that they have entered a change process...

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