In today’s interconnected business world a successful change programme can’t stop at the boundaries of your own organisation. To get the benefits of new ways of working, streamlined procedures or technological innovation often means getting your partners and other players to make changes of their own. And in some cases this means changing the behaviour of your customers or the public too.

Change management as a discipline may have dropped out of the spotlight in recent years, but at a recent Socia round table dinner we explored whether the time has come for it to be re-invented. A group of experienced Directors and change leaders debated which ‘traditional’ change management lessons still apply in an interconnected system – and which need some re-interpretation now that the boundaries have moved. And when it comes to designing change communication, what impact does it have that many of the individuals involved in a change programme will themselves be connected by various forms of social media – irrespective of which organisation they are actually employed by?

A summary of our discussions is available to download from the link below:

Change mgmt dinner notes