Leadership in lockdown: Socia’s response to the COVID crisis

We have produced a practical weekly note – to support leaders who need easily digestible hints and tips to help them cope in these exceptional times. As the lockdown has progressed the advice has moved from leading your team through the short term survival phase to dealing with the longer term demands on leaders as they shape their organisation to respond to a new normal. You can read the full series of these notes below.

Week 6 – Hitting the wall

Hitting the wall - and how to get through it.  In the last week many of the leaders we work with have described just how weary they are getting. Unfamiliar work routines, long hours in front of a screen and continuing uncertainty about the future, all take their toll....

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Week 3: A marathon not a sprint

Running a marathon not a sprint.  Week 3 of the lockdown and the shock of the change is receding, but the bad news keeps coming. A prime minister in hospital and the Queen speaking to the nation underscores the seriousness and justifies the fears that people have. We...

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