We are living in an increasingly interconnected world and at Socia we see issues of collaboration and leadership all around us. Some of our most recent comments are here for you to read …

What do we talk about when we talk about trust?

Inter-organisational trust is different to inter-personal trust. In human relationships we use the language of trust when we talk about personal loyalty, of people caring for each other in sickness and in health, and always looking after a friend’s best interests. But...

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Socia podcasts

Collaboration in the Boardroom

The design of a Board requires effective collaboration between Executive and Non-Exec Directors - but that's not easy. Click here to listen to Alex and David discussing the challenges of encouraging effective collaboration in the Boardroom. [button...

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Partnership working at DSTL

Socia is working with the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory to help implement their new business plan - which is based on more partnership working with industry and university research facilities.

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Socia Board survey quoted in the Financial Times

FT columnist Stefan Stern has written an article on the learning that private, public and 3rd sector Boards can take from one another which quotes from the Socia Board surveyand Board leadership seminar. You can read his article on the FT website (full access may...

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