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Socia (fsocius) - Latin ~ partner, companion, associate

We are leadership consultants for a connected world

In the current Covid-19 crisis, learning how to build relationships, share control and deliver results together has never been more important.

For Boards… For Leaders… For Organisations…

What we do

Board evaluation

Insight and analysis of Board governance processes and behaviours using the UK corporate governance code as our touchstone of best practice. Over 10 years’ experience working with Boards across all sectors and often with unique ownership structures.

Collaborative leadership

Strategies for business collaboration

Strategic guidance and practical implementation advice to ensure that collaboration can be effective across networks of interconnected teams and organisations.

cross-organisation collaboration

Personal mentoring for leaders

Personal mentoring for individuals – to strengthen their leadership capabilities, improve their collaborative skills, and help them deliver in a complex and connected world.

As the UK economy emerges from the constraints of lockdown leaders are facing complex choices over how to re-open offices and balance the needs of the business with those of individuals and workplace teams who have become accustomed to collaborating virtually. We are writing a series or blog posts to share our experiences and reflections:

Insight, research and news

We are constantly looking to develop new and innovative approaches to collaboration within and between organisations, to gather examples of successful (and less successful) collaboration and to share the latest thinking with our clients.

collaborative leadership

Collaborative leadership
– building relationships, handling conflict, sharing control (bold & smaller)

We wrote our book – now in its second edition – to support leaders who need an accessible, informative and practical guide to effective leadership in today’s connected world. Part 1 introduces a collaborative leader’s toolkit. Part 2 considers collaborative leaders in action. Each chapter is underpinned by surveys of business leaders, and new research and relevant case studies.

Governance Magazine

Conversations around the Board table – a series of Socia articles for Governance magazine

We have been commissioned by Governance magazine to write a series of articles based on our regular Socia roundtable dinners – where we invite groups of Board members to contribute to wide ranging discussions on topics of mutual interest, under Chatham House rules. You can read copies of the latest articles here.


Leadership in Lockdown – Socia’s response to the COVID crisis

We have produced a practical weekly note – to support leaders who need easily digestible hints and tips to help them cope in these exceptional times. As the lockdown has progressed the advice has moved from leading your team through the short term survival phase to dealing with the longer term demands on leaders as they shape their organisation to respond to a new normal. You can read the full series of these notes here.


Socia has been awarded a contract to run a 360 degree feedback process for a group of leaders at the Energy Systems Catapult. This is part of a long term relationship between Socia and the Catapult including coaching and Board development projects